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Selling New Homes the Easy Way - E-Book Edition - by Jerry Rouleau
    Category : Selling Homes
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Selling New Homes the Easy Way - E-Book Edition - by Jerry Rouleau

This Great E-book covers 16 easy-to-read chapters that will help improve your sales performance.

The Fun Way to Sell

Special Offer! Purchase this E-Book edition and save $13.30 over the cost and shipping of the hardbound edition.

Note:  This E-Book is viewable using Adobe Acrobat. The file size is about 2 Megabytes. The download time will vary depending on the speed of your Internet connection. Once your credit card order has been verified, click on the button to return for your download link. Within a few minutes or less the book will be saved to your computer's hard drive and you will be reading it on your screen. Plus you are free to print all or parts of the book for your personal use.

Chapter Index

1. Sales Success. It’s Not About You, It’s About the Customer.
2. 10 Steps in Creating a Sales & Marketing Blueprint.
3. Recipes for Success, Five Ingredients for Cooking up Extra Sales.
4. Looking for a Good Investment with a Good Return – Try Model Merchandising.
5. Model Home Operating Checklist that Will Improve Sales.
6. Model Home Sales Tool Kit.
7. Creating First Impressions to the 10th Power.
8. “Show and Tell” is not Kindergarten Stuff.
9. Are You Wasting a Lot of Time Withthe Wrong Customers?
10. “Good Afternoon. ABC Homes.”
11. You’ve Been Shopped …..How Would You Have Been Rated?
12. Get your Customers to a “Fact Discovery Visit.”
13. Who is This Home for, Anyway?
14. Developing a Public Relations Campaign that will Increase Sales.
15. Just Being at Home Shows, Doesn’t Mean You’ll Make Sales.
16. Creating Your Business Billboard - Maximizing Your Website.

Reader Review Quotes

"Thank you for writing the quintessential new home sales book. You've been able to compose an excellent and most pragmatic self-help book that will make an immediate positive, productive and results-oriented difference for every reader that implements your concepts! Congratulations on a well-written and needed new home real estate sales primer!"

S. Robert August, President,
S. Robert August & Co., Inc

"In Jerry's new book you will find decades of experience in the selling and marketing summarized in easy to digest nuggets of knowledge. If a sales person only applies a small part of the content they will benefit significantly in improving not only their sales but also customer satisfaction that will lead to future references that fuel future sales. There is plenty of material in the book that will help even seasoned veterans to improve their performance."

Frank Baker, President
Riverbend Timber Framing & Insulspan

"As always Jerry is on the leading edge of Sales and Marketing with this book. It is so refreshing to read something that gets right to the point without a lot of fluff. Excellent"

Roger Fiehn, MIRM, CMP, CSP, AMA,
Roger Fiehn & Associates

“This book is a “must read” for sales trainers, builders setting up a new business and veterans looking to review the critical basics of success.”

Bret Berneche, CEO, Cardinal Homes, Inc.

"What an awesome tool to have when planning your Model home. Jerry's book is one of the best investments you could make to grow your business."

Tracy Keyser, VP, System Built Lending, M & T Bank

“All too often, books aimed at explaining business principles overcomplicate their subject. “Selling New Homes the Easy Way” keeps its points simple, and in doing so reveals the common sense underlying Jerry Rouleau‚ a tried-and-true approach. As a result, “Selling New Homes the Easy Way” effectively communicates essential information so builders can understand their customers as well as they do their trade and their tools.”

“The book‚ a step-by-step presentation, covers the subject thoroughly and allows readers to absorb ideas one at a time while accumulating a vast arsenal of knowledge. Most important, “Selling New Homes the Easy Way” shows how to put this information to work to ensure success.”

Roland Sweet, Editor, Editorial Director
Custom Wood Homes Media Group. F&W Publications

"Once again, Jerry's covered all the bases. If you are a builder, everything in this book adds value to your bottom line."

Brian Flook, MIRM, President, Power Marketing

“It looks like you touched on all the important basics that need to covered, and you did it in a brief, concise, and fun way. As you say "it's about their choice" and anyone who
uses your tips will certainly succeed!”

Manny Schatz, MIRM, RCS, , Professional Builder Services

“Your thorough understanding of the housing industry provides the fundamentals of new home sales, in this easy to read format. This book is packed with useful ideas!”

Ken Clark, President, Beaver Mountain Log Homes

“Your first book has been a textbook for our sales training classes here at Honest Abe, since it was published. I'm very impressed with the sales insight you offer in your new book, and look forward to implementing it in our sales process."

Rick Denton, President, Honest Abe Log Homes

“Very comprehensive. It is certainly a great introduction for sales people new to the industry and I would expect Homebuilders would want to make this "required reading" for all their sales people.”

Margot Larson, Management Alternative, LLC

"This is not a generic sales processes book; it is “specifics” that allow you to audit the multiple components of your sales and marketing performance."

Steve Biggs, Chairman of the Board, Town & Country Cedar Homes

“Despite 30+ years working in the System Built Housing industry, I was once again amazed at what I learned (or in many cases re-learned!) by reading Jerry Rouleau's latest book - Selling New Homes the Easy Way. Jerry's book is a textbook for both new and experienced sales people in our industry. We will definitely be wanting copies for all of our Builder/Dealers.”

Doug Lindal, Lindal Cedar Homes

“Selling starts with a plan. Jerry will walk you through the creation of your plan that WILL result in success for your sales people and your company. Jerry reminds us that sales are in the details, not the price. If you want to increase your sales and sell smarter, this is the book to read. Following his tips and techniques will generate more sales for your company and help you surpass your goals!"

Damian Pataluna, President, Fischer SIPS

“A very thorough and concise guide to selling homes. It is easy to follow and implement, but most importantly, it works.”

David Gordon, President, Katahdin Cedar Log Homes

"Selling new homes IS easy if you follow the process outlined in this book. I love the practical suggestions given in "down to earth" terms that any builder or log home dealer can start using immediately to increase their sales. This book demonstrates why Jerry Rouleau remains the authoritative figure in sales consulting in this industry!"

Lynn Gastineau, Gastineau Log Homes

“Easy to read and understand. It is very user friendly and a builder or salesperson should have great success if they follow or put to use any of the contents.”

Tom Mason, Wausau Homes, Inc.

“This book is jam-packed with real life suggestions that can impact sales of new homes right now. "Selling New Homes The Easy Way" should be required reading for any Sales Professional who is dedicated to learning and is serious about increasing their income."

Rich Horn, Sales Manager, Northeastern Log Homes, Inc.

“It's a great tool for a builder but like all good tools you must read and follow directions.”

Neil Sayers, VP, All American Homes

“If you are a builder who likes to bang nails and have coffee with the subs, don't get this book. If you are a builder who wants to establish a thriving business, this is your bible. A builder who uses this book as his operating manual will be successful, unbelievably successful. This is a step-by-step, how-to guide, on all the things every retail builder needs to do to sell homes. Easy to read, clear, concise and well written, Jerry Rouleau has nailed almost every ingredient of a recipe for success!”

Dave Wrocklage, Sales & Marketing Manager,
Epoch Homes

“Absolutely the bible for selling new homes. You've done it again and better than ever.”

Jack Donnelly. Vice President/Sales & Marketing, Customized Structures, Inc.

“Wow, I was very impressed with the book and look forward to ordering it for our sales force. The book is well organized, easy to read and right on target. Utilizing the concepts in the book will definitely increase sales. I like the way it is geared to our industry and truly believe it will be a very good training tool.”

Tony K. Watson, President, Nationwide Homes Inc.

“I enjoyed the snappy pace of the book and bite-sized actionable information. A builder looking for a road map on how to increase his sales and the return on his efforts, would do well to buy this book.”

Kevin Flaherty, VP Marketing, Genesis Homes

“…. as always, you're dead-on the money. If the practices and procedures described are implemented, how could you not succeed? I appreciate the straight forward approach to getting the job done without an over abundance of sales philosophy. I think you've just created the new "how to" manual for everyone in home sales.”

Bill Dudley, President, Carolina Model Home Corp.

“At last, a sales and marketing model that is easy to read, understand and implement. Hundreds of detailed plans, tools and tips to help make home sales professionals successful. Rouleau did it again!! I can guarantee all of my Sales Representatives will own this book!!”

Dana Delano, Director of Sales and Marketing,
Ward Cedar Log Homes

“I've had the chance to review "Selling New Homes the Easy Way" and came away quite impressed with your distinct and "to the point" style of writing. The book is easy to read and understand, with a good use of examples. The information presented in each chapter provides specific direction, with a logical progression through the sales process, rather than just general instruction. This, combined with the credibility and experience of the author, offers a "top shelf" training guide for anyone who wants to improve their performance as a home-sales professional.

Joe Folker, Director Network Sales,
Kuhns Bros. Log Homes, Inc.

“Right on the money, as always! My wife was particularly excited and appreciative of the chapter devoted to Model Merchandising. As a home staging professional, she of course is totally in tune and agreement with, your emphasis on this, much overlooked aspect of marketing. Your book hits the proverbial nail on the head as you addressed many aspects of proper marketing, that too often, although possibly known, are just ignored by people who consider themselves professional sales persons. Without a doubt, those sales "professionals" that heed your advice will double or triple their sales and income.”

Bill Murray, General Manager, HandCrafted Homes, LLC

"In today's ultra competitive market place, builders are often looking for the easy way or quick prescription for success. When in fact, these easy solutions rarely exist. The ideas outlined in your latest book, focus on fundamentals where I believe the battle is won. To be successful, you must first have a plan. Secondly, have the determination to execute and lastly, the discipline to review and adjust your plan to achieve your objectives. Your latest work will help grow the businesses of those that choose to execute the information. We know it will help Prestige Homes."

Don Darling, Manager of Marketing, Sales & Design, Prestige Homes

"I think you should call this "The Golden Handbook" If anyone has the desire to grow and make more money, then this should be their guide to follow. This easy to read and follow book, has years of experience and wisdom with proven results. This book will help guide you every step of the way. Just follow it."

Craig Laduke, LaDuke Construction


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Selling New Homes the Easy Way - E-Book Edition - by Jerry Rouleau
    Category : Selling Homes
  • Product Code: 130
  • Availability: In Stock