• Mobile Home Park Investor's Three Volume Set by Chrissy Jackson
Mobile Home Park Investor's Three Volume Set by Chrissy Jackson

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Owning or managing a manufactured home community as a financially successful operation includes:

  • keeping all the homesites full
  •  resident satisfaction
  •  collecting your rent payments each month
  • making sure your guidelines [rules and restrictions] are enforced
  • promoting your park to draw in new residents
Whew! What a job!

How about some professional help to make sure you can maximize profits, while you get all that done?

Chrissy Jackson, an industry veteran with 28 years of experience, is here to help you!

For a limited time, you can purchase the "Ultimate Management Series" of handbooks at 30% off the regualr retail price. For just $56, you will receive a copy of:

  • Promoting Your Community
  • Get Tough, Get Creative
  • Live Awhile in My Community.
These handbooks provide common sense solutions to all the issues you face every day! The first fifty customers will also receive a free copy of So, You Want to Write a Newsletter as a special bonus.

Don't be left in the red . . . 

put your bottom line in the BLACK
 with proven strategies that will work for you!

Mobile Home Park Investor's Three Volume Set
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Promoting Your Community 
by Chrissy Jackson 

When properly promoted, every community should have a waiting list of qualified prospects and should be receiving resident referrals on a regular basis. How do you do this? Who should partner with you in an effective marketing program?

What areas are you not even aware of that send a marketing message to your prospects? How can you create programs to improve the perception your residents have of the community? How can you show prospects (in one page) that your community is heads above the competition? All of this plus lots of marketing and promotional ideas are packed into this handbook.

Foreword written by John Turzer, President of JLT & Associates. 

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Live Awhile
in My Community 

by Chrissy Jackson

The true secret to effective resident relations is here! This handbook gets right down to the nitty-gritty of creating a partnership with your residents for the betterment of the community.

You now have a chance to understand from both sides of the desk how decisions you make and things you do on a regular basis are perceived by your residents. If you have ever wondered why a resident does what they do or doesn't do what you want them to do, this handbook will enlighten you! Some of the topics covered include

  • How About a Little Respect
  • Money makes the World go Round
  • About those Guidelines
  • On Becoming Neighbors
  • and lots more.

    The true need for a personal touch in management comes alive through the characters in this handbook.

    Foreword written by Barry McCabe, President of Hometown America.

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Get Tough
Get Creative 

by Chrissy Jackson

Once you have the proper Guidelines in place, how do you enforce them?

This handbook offers over 100 tips and techniques on proven methods of bringing residents into compliance with your stated policies and Guidelines.

Learn how to be firm, fair, consistent, and to win the respect of your residents while eliminating Guideline violations from your community. This handbook is the answer! 

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Buy All Three - Regular Price $80.00 
Buy All Three Now! - SAVE $25.00 
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Mobile Home Park Investor's Three Volume Set by Chrissy Jackson

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