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This books author, David Leach. has been a real estate investor, mortgage consultant and creative financing expert since the late 1980s. During this time, he helped secure financing for real estate that has ranged in value from $45,000, all the way to the millions of dollars.

Mr Leach thoroughly enjoyed being a part of making the dream of home ownership a reality for literally hundreds of customers. Some of his experiences have truly made a difference in the lives of the people he helped.

Like the young couple who had recently started their own business and wanted to get a larger house to start their family. Since the business was new, there wasn’t any income to document, yet, Mr Leach got them a loan with NO MONEY DOWN!

"I was convinced to work with David because of his ability to follow

through and look for every possible option." Nancy M. Fairplay, CO.

Or, the couple who had a difficult time documenting their income because they were self-employed and had miscellaneous income coming from a family trust. Their tax returns didn’t show enough income to qualify, yet this book helped get them the money they wanted.

"One situation that stands out most in my mind was the fact that

we got the loan without having to provide tax returns." Ron R. Phoenix, AZ.

David helped people who had perfect credit, and with those who have just declared bankruptcy. Bad credit is no reason not to buy a new home. If your lender knows these creative financing secrets, you can realize the dream of owning a home.

"Thank you for helping us and making us believe that home ownership

was possible for us." Russ G. GoodlandKS

Yet, in all the joy he has been able to bring to so many people, Mr. Leach also found a great frustration. Not so much for himself, but for the multitude of people who have been fooled into believing that home ownership will never happen for them.

"Creative Financing Secrets" seeks to expose these lies and gives documented evidence that home ownership is not only possible, but also probable, for the vast majority of buyers with no money for a down payment, or with less-than-perfect-credit.

"Very professional. Will get anyone done, no matter how creative

(he) needs to be." Janifa M. FriscoCO.

In this book, you will learn…

  • How to buy real estate with no money down
  • How to buy real estate with less-than-perfect credit
  • How to buy real estate when you can’t document your income
  • How self-employed borrowers can buy with no money down

What may surprise you when you read this book is how you can buy a home even if you are ALL OF THESE! In other words, you can have less-than-perfect credit, be unable to document your income, be self-employed, AND STILL BUY A HOME WITH NO MONEY DOWN!!

David Leach is sharing these secrets with you so you can have hope. Dave believes that hope never disappoints. If he can get you hoping, he can get you believing again. Now you can join thousands of people who do find the methods necessary to buy the home they’ve been dreaming of owning.

Some of the "Creative Financing Secrets" exposed are…

  • How to buy a home without a credit check (investors do this all the time)
  • How to use "rent-to-own" to buy a home
  • Using "subject-to" financing to buy a home with bad credit
  • Buy a home without disclosing income, assets or employment
  • ZERO DOWN financing strategies
  • Discover who made up the lending rules and how to work around them

"Creative Financing Secrets" will also help those looking to build a home...

  • Learn how to buy your land with no credit check and no money down
  • Use "subordination" agreements to get the land you want
  • Find ways to finance 100% of the construction costs
  • Save thousands with Construction-to-permanent loans (one closing does it all)
  • Secrets that can be used for building any type home (log, modular, etc.)

Learn from the author’s years of experience. Follow the experiences shared in Creative Financing Secrets, you won't have to reinvent the wheel...you won't have to continue believing that home ownership isn’t for you...you won't have to wait years upon years to buy a home. And, isn't that what you're really after?


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Creative Financing Secrets - E-Book Edition by David Leach

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