• Manufactured Housing Installation and Repair - E-Book Editionby George Porter
Manufactured Housing Installation and Repair - E-Book Edition
by George Porter


Used for certification of installers in many states. Hundreds of pictures of repair and installation procedures.

You may have read his helpful monthly columns in “The Journal,” but if you have ANY involvement in installation and repair of manufactured homes, his book should be in your library. Manufactured Housing Installation & Repair by George Porter is a soup-to-nuts (with an emphasis on the nuts and bolts) of properly installing and maintaining a manufactured home. There is nothing like this manual in the industry today.

Are you an installer? A trade school? Retailer or manufacturer? Association Executive Director? A residential developer new to manufactured homes? Do you own a manufactured home? Even community owners and managers can benefit: The information in this how-to manual can eliminate a great deal of the problems -- and homeowner complaints -- that happen on move-in.

George Porter is the nation’s leading authority and trainer on manufactured home installation and repair. He has presented installation seminars in more than 40 states coast-to-coast, and in three cities in Japan. Several states have already adopted his seminar as part of their licensing and certification criteria.

In most cases, the way manufactured homes (then called mobile homes) were set up during the first 75 years in the industry is not the way the sophisticated homes of today should be installed. Manufactured Housing Installation & Repair is a well-designed, easy-to-read manual, full of helpful drawings and photographs. It functions as a textbook and is being used in Community Colleges in Kentucky today to train installers. The book reads like George is right by your side, having a running conversation while you install a home! There is plenty of white space for your own notes.

No one installer can be a total expert in all areas -- electric, plumbing, carpets, doors, windows, siding, roofing. Whatever the installer’s strengths are, this book will fill the gaps and answer many questions clearly and concisely. I quote from Chapter Two, There are people in this industry who do nothing but trim out homes, while others install only siding and shingles. Some installers only put homes together. There are also some installers who are qualified to do all the different jobs necessary to complete the installation of a home. Many of these installers are very skilled individuals who do very professional work in all the areas, said Porter. George’s book is intended to help build this skill level. The installer can be a general contractor on the entire job or a subcontractor on any part of the job, “ Porter said.

It opens with a fun look at the history of this type of home, with 1950’s era photos. A list of major chapters includes: History, Hand Tool Carpentry, Tools And Equipment, The Factory Tour, Plumbing, Roofing, Siding, Floors And Floor Coverings, Drywall Installation And Repair, Window And Door Repair, Major Appliance Troubleshooting, Heating And Air Conditioning, Adjacent Structures, Business Law And Accounting, Basic Masonry, Basic Electricity, and Dealer Job Training. Trade schools and Community Colleges will find the list of questions and suggested activities at the end of each chapter especially useful.

If you intend to start your own installation business, this manual will become dog-eared with use. Homeowners will enjoy its down-to-earth writing and troubleshooting tips; for example, what do you do if you have no hot water? Why is the hot water coming out of the “cold” water faucet? Why does my new washer dance around? How can I get rid of the constant condensation on my windows? And a hundred other recognizable homeowner concerns. Handymen -- where else can you find a complete, illustrated guide for how to install storm doors?

Retailers and manufacturers have not fully studied the source of consumer complaints after move-in and set-up, but clearly a large percentage of these angry phone calls, and negative letters, could be avoided by following George Porter’s book. The industry is very aware of its reputation these days in the eyes of the general public, and zoning and town officials. The implementation of high standards in other areas is an area of focus. Imagine if each state adopted standards for installation and set-up companies, including classes and certification, using George Porter’s manual as a textbook? The manufactured housing industry, in many sectors, can only benefit. So will homeowners.

Manufactured Housing Installation & Repair addresses commonly made and easily avoidable mistakes, and offers invaluable safety tips. The book is: practical, hands-on, specific, extremely user-friendly, fun to read, and step-by-step. It helps you visualize the work, and is truly comprehensive.

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Manufactured Housing Installation and Repair - E-Book Editionby George Porter

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